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Voltage Texting
ღ|-「 So, I know some seriously strange people.. And others are often interested in what we talk about.. So it all goes here! 」

(Previously, No Longer Live Blogging Koichi's Sequel)

【 Voltage Inc. Texting Blog, all games up for request, and will take requests for or do anything Voltage Related! Yeah, I take requests c: EVEN THOUGH this is a Voltage Blog, I will still post what I want. It's my blog, sorry. :l 】

≫ Header art by Tumblr User Akasuki-Ikeda

(( WARNING: I talk a lot, so you might wanna block the tag '#Kazumi Speaks' if you don't want to be spammed... 'Kay? c; ))
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If MC/Chiasa seems different, it’s because of her mood swings @_@
If Ibuki seems shy, it’s because.. Well, who asks something like that to someone so innocent? ;^;
ALSO! He would’ve probably had a heart attack or teased Chii, but then she mentioned Ibuki and was saved at the last second :l

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